Rediscovery and Rebirth.

I had almost completely forgotten about my neglected blog. After reading about the adventures of many far-away friends, I returned to my old Spain blog page and decided I want to start writing down a few more of the happenings in my life. It serves as a way to stay in touch with friends all over the world and also helps me keep track of things that my sometimes distracted brain would otherwise forget. And it's always fun to look back on trips, events, and everyday victories!

So here is to 2011 and attempting yet again to enter the blogworld. Maybe I'll be more successful this time? We'll see what happens. But if nothing else, at least it got a sparkly make-over :)

More to come soon (I hope)...


  1. Yay Kayla!! I always love reading your blog posts!

  2. Woo hoooooo! I'm so happy to see that you're blog is back up and running! I love your blog and YOU my sparkly shakira-y oklahoma princess!!!

  3. This was a lie. No bueno, roomie. No bueno.